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Smart Home Solutions in Los Angeles

Enhancing Living in Los Angeles: Top Home Automation Companies Revolutionizing Smart Homes in Los Angeles

Home automation is nothing short of revolutionary in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. It gives residents the gift of seamless, convenient, and fully connected living. In this article, we unveil what sets ION AVT Inc. apart as the preeminent home automation company in Los Angeles, spotlighting their extraordinary solutions and unwavering commitment to excellence. Moreover, we’ll explore the transformative capabilities of industry-leading platforms such as Control4, Crestron, Savant, RTI, Elan, and URC. These platforms redefine the game in lighting control, automated shades, sound, AV, and security systems. At ION AVT Inc., we’re not just a company but the architects of the future of smart homes in Los Angeles for 2023 and beyond. Our cutting-edge tech solutions are at the forefront of this digital revolution, poised to elevate your living experience to unparalleled heights.

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Top considerations when choosing a
home automation company

3rd party integration

Your home automation solution should integrate easily with Sonos, Nest, MyQ, and others. Some home automation manufacturers already have a large database of 3rd party drivers built in. This makes it easier to program the system. Others require more work in the programming stages but they have more reliable, solid drivers.


Is your focus on Audio and Video, wireless applications, climate or security, 3rd party integration? Do you want custom automation scenes? Your automation dealer should know which choice is best for every application.

User experience

Some users prefer voice control, touch interfaces, or plain hard button remote controls. Each manufacturer is better or worst in each of these categories. Again, your dealer is your best resource in understanding what you want and recommending the best smart home solution.


Every home automation is unique and has a price point. Your dealer should combine this with the above 3 items and decide which home automation system is best for YOUR lifestyle.

Top smart home companies in 2023

Control4 Elevating Smart Living

Control4: Elevating Smart Living

As one of the industry’s pioneers, Control4 is revolutionizing home automation in Los Angeles. Their comprehensive solutions empower homeowners to manage their lighting, shades, audiovisual equipment, and security systems effortlessly. ION AVT Inc and Control4 seamlessly integrate multiple devices, enabling users to create personalized scenes and settings tailored to their preferences. Whether it’s adjusting lighting to suit different moods, automating shades for energy efficiency, or enjoying a custom audiovisual experience, Control4 ensures a convenient and immersive smart home environment. With Control4’s advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces, Los Angeles residents can elevate their connected lifestyle and enjoy the luxury of total control at their fingertips.

Crestron: A Gateway to Luxury Living

Crestron has established itself as a prominent player in the home automation industry, providing Los Angeles homeowners with cutting-edge solutions that redefine luxury living. ION AVT Inc. seamlessly integrates lighting, shading, audio, video, and security, delivering an unparalleled immersive experience. Crestron’s advanced technology allows users to control and monitor their homes from any device, making it effortless to adjust lighting scenes, manage multi-room audiovisual systems, and ensure a secure environment. With ION AVT Inc., Los Angeles residents can indulge in a seamless, personalized smart home experience that blends elegance, convenience, and innovation.

Crestron A Gateway to Luxury Living
savant experience Savant Simplifying Smart Living

Savant: Simplifying Smart Living

Savant stands out for its user-friendly and elegant home automation solutions, simplifying smart living for Los Angeles residents. Their intuitive interfaces seamlessly integrate lighting control, automated shades, sound systems, and security, providing effortless control over the entire home. Savant enables homeowners to create customized lighting scenes, automate motorized shades for energy efficiency, and enjoy an immersive audiovisual experience. Savant’s intuitive app allows users to manage their smart homes from anywhere, ensuring convenience and peace of mind. By embracing Savant’s solutions, Los Angeles residents can effortlessly control and automate various aspects of their homes, simplifying their daily routines and enhancing their overall comfort.

Elan: Simplified Control for Connected Homes

Elan delivers comprehensive home automation solutions that bring simplicity and control to Los Angeles residences. With Elan’s intuitive interfaces and robust infrastructure, homeowners can effortlessly manage lighting, automated shades, sound systems, AV equipment, and security systems from anywhere. Elan’s systems offer seamless integration, allowing centralized control and customization based on individual preferences. With one-touch control of lighting.

Elan Simplified Control for Connected Homes
NSS RPM original AMX Advanced Control for Smart Homes

AMX: Advanced Control for Smart Homes

AMX is a prominent name in the home automation industry, renowned for its advanced control systems that enhance smart living in Los Angeles. With ION AVT Inc., homeowners gain comprehensive control over lighting, shades, sound systems, AV equipment, security systems, and more. AMX solutions deliver seamless integration and automation, allowing users to create personalized scenes and schedules for enhanced comfort and convenience. Whether managing multi-room audiovisual systems, controlling lighting scenes, or integrating security systems, AMX offers a robust platform that simplifies smart home control. With AMX’s cutting-edge technology and intuitive interfaces, Los Angeles residents can experience a truly connected and intelligent living environment.

RTI: Customizable Automation Excellence

RTI offers customizable home automation solutions that cater to the specific needs of Los Angeles residents. With RTI, homeowners can seamlessly integrate lighting, shades, sound systems, and security, creating a tailored smart home experience. RTI’s robust control systems provide intuitive interfaces that make managing and automating various aspects of the home a breeze. Whether creating lighting scenes to set the perfect ambiance or managing entertainment systems with ease, RTI empowers users to customize and control their smart homes according to their preferences. With RTI’s technology, Los Angeles residents can enjoy the benefits of a truly personalized and connected living environment.

RTI when away from home RTI Customizable Automation
URC Total Control Montage Transparent

URC Total Control Home automation

 Simple and cost-effective smart home solutions for small to medium size projects. Custom graphics are not available.

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I’ve worked with and benefited from his always “can do” attitude and his unwavering attention to detail in design, from modest additions to high-end home. His professionalism, business acumen and entrepreneurial skills are equally amazing. I recommend Shawn and his entire team of consultants and contractors without reservation.
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I have known Mihai Ion for over two years. He installed my home theater and really knows the latest technology. When other installers said it would be impossible to run the wiring in my media room, he made it work. He is very professional and responsible. I trust him with all of my multimedia needs and is the only one to call.