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Best Security Camera Contractors in Los Angeles, California

Welcome to the best security camera contractors in Los Angeles, California. We’ve been installing security camera systems for over 12 years. We rank as the best security camera sytem contractor in Los Angeles by providing a safer city for your loved ones and your business. We offer the best security cameras available today which incorporate the most sophisticated imaging and recording technologies, to deliver the performance, functionality and reliability that clients can count on.

How to choose the best CCTV security camera system in Los Angeles:

As the best security camera contractors in Los Angeles, we take into considerations ALL FACTORS: Headlights, indoor lighting, glass and reflective surfaces can seriously degrade image quality. It is recommended that you work with the best security camera contractors in Los Angeles to specify the correct security camera system based on lighting conditions, weather and desired end result of your system. Contact us for a consultation. There are different types of security cameras and there are certain factors that will determine which one is the best choice for your business or home:

  • IP camera systems:

    You will see IP cameras installed in very large businesses, airports, hotels, etc. IP camera systems offer very high resolution, only require one data cable and will be around for a very long time. Each camera can also be customized from a web interface via IP. These systems are ussualy more expensive than regular analog or CVI camera systems. You must have a reliable network in place for the system to function properly and it requires more technical(network) knowledge to set up an IP camera system. For remote viewing, you required a faster internet conection because of the high resolution(up to 5 megapixel or more) of the cameras-this also depends on how many cameras you’ll be streaming.

  • HD-TVI camera systems:

    HD-TVI security camera systems are also a high value option because of the lower cost compared to IP systems. You can achieve 1080p resolution and cable lengths up to 1500 ft using regular coaxial cable. HD TVI is an analog system which requires less storage space than an IP system. You may also use HD TVI cameras from different manufacturers with on HD TVI DVR.

  • Turbo HD camera systems:

    Hikvision Turbo HD is an HD TVI camera system with extra features: it uses deep learning technology to detect cars, humans etc. It uses AcuSense which can filter out false alarms and help find footage faster. ColorVU Turbo HD cameras provide clear color images even in low lighting conditions or complete darkness.

Our comprehensive and affordable camera surveillance systems feature multiple cameras, live streaming, night vision, two-way talk, mobile apps and more. Burglaries, break-ins and crimes have been significantly reduced in areas of Los Angeles where security camera systems have been installed. We work with all size enterprises and budgets and each business surveillance package is uniquely tailored to your individual needs.

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